Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar 1.0 veröffentlicht

Microsoft hat nun die Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar freigegeben. In dieser Toolbar kann man unter anderem das Layout (CSS) der WebSite analysieren, zur Laufzeit verändern usw. Ein DOM Inspector ist ebenfalls integriert. Aber was sage ich, einfach ausprobieren, für jeden WebDeveloper empfehlenswert.

Quelle: Microsoft


The Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar provides several features for exploring and understanding Web pages. These features enable you to:

  • Explore and modify the document object model (DOM) of a Web page.
  • Locate and select specific elements on a Web page through a variety of techniques.
  • Selectively disable Internet Explorer settings.
  • View HTML object class names, ID’s, and details such as link paths, tab index values, and access keys.
  • Outline tables, table cells, images, or selected tags.
  • Validate HTML, CSS, WAI, and RSS web feed links.
  • Display image dimensions, file sizes, path information, and alternate (ALT) text.
  • Immediately resize the browser window to a new resolution.
  • Selectively clear the browser cache and saved cookies. Choose from all objects or those associated with a given domain.
  • Display a fully featured design ruler to help accurately align and measure objects on your pages.
  • Find the style rules used to set specific style values on an element.
  • View the formatted and syntax colored source of HTML and CSS.

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

Für FireFoy und Opera gibt es natürlich auch DeveloperBars

Web Developer Bar

Opera Developer Tools

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